Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dear future me,

Remember to remain humble; it’s awful to behave like you need others to praise you, to idolize you. Never become one of those people.

You’ll regret the things you didn’t do over the things you did.

Stop cowering away into your comfort zone the moment a threat appears. Put on a brave face, swallow the fear and face what you must.

Seize every opportunity. Go on every lunch date. Meet everyone you have the chance to. Never say that you’ll just do it next time.

Traveling is what you adore. At 18, you become giddy with excitement when you think about traveling around the globe, visiting countries and making a difference.

Writing is your forte. You may be average at 18, but with experience you’ve grown. Never forget its writing what you succeed in and don’t pretend as if you “like” math just because everyone’s becoming an engineer with a steady salary.

You want a job where you can wake up every morning and look forward to arriving at. Remember the feeling. You had it during your first internship at a law firm.

Stop underestimating yourself, you’ll get where you need to soon enough.

Forget the economy. It’s better to be poor and learn of the cruelness life has to offer, than be rich and ignorant of it.

You cringe and promise that “you’ll make a difference soon enough,” every time you see someone in trouble or suffering a tragedy. Don’t forget that feeling either.

Karolina at eighteen

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Seemingly, we have overcome the worst and have emerged as a stronger people

I want to take a moment to recognize and surprisingly congratulate America for not freaking  (for lack of a better word) out and scurrying in fear because of the idea that terrorists might be planning something huge on this once fateful day.
In reality, this is what the terrorists want, those faithful followers of Osama Bin Laden, those "Death to America" suicide bombers. They want to instill fear, or terror. Hence, terrorists.

This must really upset  them. That despite the depressing recession and the incredible stock market plunges, Americans are keeping their heads up high. They are past being terrorized and frankly tired of this ongoing battle to whatever the governments, political groups, militias, or religious groups believe they must achieve. And to be honest--so am I.
I am so tired of this. I am fed up with the fighting. I no longer want to put up with the post effects of the war, a.k.a. the recession. I'm heading into the job market soon, after I enter and finish grad school. However, as a child and teenager of the recession, I expect everything to be restored. Even though, it hasn't been that long, I am so very sick and tired of tuning into CNN or whatever news channel and hearing "unemployment is up to 9.1 percent again" or "the stock plunged 452 points! After being up 300 yesterday."

I honestly do not care about the excuses; and sadly I am slowly losing faith in our wonderful president today, however I want the situation fixed. I (who most possibly speaks for 98 percent of America) need the recession to start easing its grip, its sharps claws out of the nation and restoring the economy to the one of the 90s.

Actually, I'll be happy to hear unemployment is down to 6 percent.

Thus, if you are running for president and have a large majority of congress secretly rooting for you and can clearly demonstrate how you're planning to fix this mangling mess and actually take steps to do so, then I without a doubt (along with a fair chunk of the US), will vote for you.


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Last Week Before College

Saturday: 9/10/11
-Soccer game Attended my brother's game, which took place in Lancaster. It started to thunderstorm and rain while the weather remained grossly hot and cold during intervals. Our team won!
-Cleaned As I will be leaving next Saturday, my mother wanted me to help clean the house and organize my room. I did the latter on Thursday during the day time. It literally took me all day to finish.
-Night out with friends One of my friend's birthday took place that night. We cooked her her favorite dish, chicken alfredo and had cake! It was delicious as it was 2 layers (strawberry on bottom, chocolate on top). We then drove as fast as we could to get to Griffith Observatory which closed at 10 pm. It was 9:53 pm. We made it! The view was absolutely beautiful and worth driving about 40 minutes (by streets) for and being able to stay about 15 minutes. The guard was courteous enough to let us stay, however he then started to push people out. Metaphorically of course.

My candle arrangement and the chicken alfredo is served.

The view of the LA skyline. Not bad for an Android!

Sunday: 9/11/11
May those who suffered and who were affected be well and may those who were lost, rest in peace.
-Soccer Game Unfortunately, we lost. 7-nothing. We had a moment of silence, and I really wanted to scream at those who did not take part to stop moving and give up one minute of their lives to pay their respect.
-Finished the Drug/Alcohol Course Requirement Ah, already productive. I finished the last module in the 3 module series of this course.
-Had my favorite burger Lucky Boys<3 Yumm! Since, its my last Sunday meal at home for a while, my mom decided we should have this. No Lucky Boy restaurants where I'm heading.
-Finished an application for work-study Finally. I had to describe why I wanted be a tutor, strengths, weaknesses, etc. Mundane kind of questions.
-Worked Out One double cheese burger. I can't even imagine the calories.

Monday: 9/12/11

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Zombies In Love

Yesterday, I attended an event called Zombies in Love at the local art gallery in my town. It was amazing to see how many people actually got into the spirit and dressed up! Unfortunately, I didn't do such a great job and ended up looking like some kinda goth thing.
So, we decided to get in line to ask the illustrator for an autograph, however we didn't want to do the traditional signature on paper kinda thing. Thus, brilliant little ol' me came up with asking him to draw us as zombies and he actually did!
I think it looks exactly like me, don't you? (;

Anyway, the event was great as the illustrator drew some pictures, we ate some brain themed cake, and took professional photos in the decorated area it had for guests. The pictures aren't up yet, but as soon as they are-- I'll definitely post them up!

We went to Cue's afterwards to take pictures (while my friend's boyfriend decided he'd rather fall asleep in the underground parking lot than go with us haha). Cue's is a Japanese photo booth kinda place.
Our "zombie-prom"outfits.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

TOMS: To Buy or Not To Buy

Initially, I thought that Toms were hideous. However, I have started to warm up to them. They are actually decent looking.
 Many individuals love the generosity the TOMS shoe company seems to demonstrate. However, after a recent conversation with a friend, we have come to the conclusion TOMS isn't as generous as they make themselves seem.

Their movement claims to donate a pair of shoes for each pair we buy. Therefore, we are forced to act philanthropic. We aren't given the choice whether we would like to pay extra for a shoe, which should cost $35-$40 max.

Instead, TOMS raises their prices so the company can afford to donate. I am all for donating to those in need. Believe me, as an individual who can't wait to join the Peace Corps., I want the less fortunate to have more and have the same equality as the more fortunate.

So, is it right? Is it right for a shoe company to overcharge people for a pair of shoes and claim its only because they're donating a pair of shoes to someone who is in need? Also, how much of the "donation" is actually going to those in need of shoes? Sure, a pair bought is equal to a pair given, but can't we pay a decent price and with TOMS crazy success--which is only escalating-- the company can do that.

I like TOMS' vision statement, however I disapprove of their approach. Honestly, with today's economy I can't really afford TOMS and so I'll go for another brand. I also, know many people who feel the same way as I.

Maybe, if and when TOMS realizes that they have become a bit greedy and finally decide to drop their prices, they'll be able to gain a larger customer base. For now, I'm sticking to $25 sneakers from Urban Outfitters (an expensive company itself!) or $15 ones from H&M.

Superhero Car

The other day driving home from the store, I stopped at a red light and noticed a yellow Volkswagen Beetle with a protector waiting for the light on the opposite side. I couldn't help, but notice how much it reminded me of a superhero with a face mask.
Superhero Beetle


Look alike? I think so.

Images courtesy of Google.